How To Develop Your Own Medication Management App

Develop Your own Medication Management App!

Do we really need an app to manage medication when we can set up alarms to do the same? Well, yes we do! Alarms or virtual assistants can remind you to take your daily dose, sure, but how many alarms would you set if there are multiple doses to be administered or multiple medicines? Or what if you have specific instructions for each medicine?

Can Siri or your alarms handle all this chaos without you losing your mind? And how long until you inevitably miss a dose or more and end up in the hospital?

Mobile app development for medication management doesn’t seem redundant now, does it?

That’s what we Thought!

Medication Management in mApps is truly the need of the hour, especially considering the unbelievably hectic lives we lead rendering us incapacitated to look after ourselves or our loved ones. Such apps make it easier and more efficient to take care of your health and reduce so many health risks in the long run!

As a business owner, believe us, you need to be taking this seriously and cashing in the benefits before others do! And even if you think you’re late, and there are too many such apps, remember this- There’s always room for more! 

Studies show that around 60% of the smartphone-using population has a mHealth app of some kind installed and almost 50% of them are actively engaged in using at least 5 such apps simultaneously.

So, jump aboard and don’t look back! But first, let’s see what all you need to do to get the best medicine tracker app!

Know Your Features.

Know what you want. Assume you’re a chronic patient (God Forbid) with more medicines you need to take than you can manage. Now think like a patient for a min, what do you need to make your life easier? What all should an application support, to give you the best experience? Here are a few suggestions.

Medicine Scheduling

Obviously, you should be able to enter all your medical data into your application and list all the pills or tablets you are prescribed along with their recommended time, frequency of doses or days, and number. 

Pill Reminders

Naturally, your app should also be able to remind the user to take his pills. Be it for multiple pills, multiple doses, fluctuating schedules, etc. These reminders can be in the form of pop-ups, notifications, or alarms, and should ideally be usable by audibly/visually impaired patients.

Your reminders must also have to reschedule options and record-keeping for missed reminders and doses.

Pill Descriptor

While entering his data, your user should not have to go through the hassle of listing and describing in detail each prescribed pill. The app should support pill identification based on photos or a brief description like the make, color, etc. 

Stocking Alerts

When the user is about to run out of his prescribed pills, their medihelp app can remind them to stock up days in advance. This gives them a small preparatory window to visit their pharmacist before they run out of meds and have to panic on the spot. Thereby reducing health risks and instances of emergent hospitalization.

Exporting & Sharing Data

For most people who will need apps to help with their medication, it is plausible to assume that they are also taking the help of a practitioner, physician, any medical professional, or even a friend to manage their condition. Therefore, it should be easy for them to share their records with them through your app.

Know How To Incentivize Your App

Apart from the above-mentioned basic essentials, there are a lot of features you can ask your mobile app development company to integrate the app and make them paid. Offering such features can entice your audience to buy your membership resulting in financial gains for your business along with significantly increased customer retention and loyalty.

But what can you provide that makes people want to spend money when they can just as easily download other applications for free? 

Exclusivity & Personalization…

That’s Right!

Whatever you think of, new features or updates. These are the factors you need to consider while doing so. Is this feature important enough to demand monetary compensation? Does it make the user feel special and seen? Does it make his life easier? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you’ve got your answer!

Here are a few suggestions on what you can integrate into your app and make it a “membership worthy”

1. A social communication feature enabling users to share their records with multiple people, and caretakers or parents to monitor multiple profiles or groups of profiles

2. A medicine compatibility feature that alerts your user if one or more medicines in their prescription are known to have negative effects when paired with others, so they can talk to their physician and save themselves from potential mis reactions.

3. Smart integrations with other health apps that keep track of the user’s bodily movements like activity, heart rate, sleep duration, etc capacitate the user to navigate his ailment better

4. A family care plan for parents to monitor and remind their children to keep up with their medicine schedules. Such a feature would ideally also update the parents about missed doses along with the health risks they may pose.

5. A notes/remarks space along with the medicine description that reminds the user about any specific intake conditions, potential reactions, treatments, etc.

So, Now What?

Well, now that you know just about what your ideal med management app ought to look like, it’s time to do the heavy lifting-The development process. But wait, you don’t need to do that! You just need to hire an application development company and let it do that for you!

We have been recognized as one of the Top Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies by DesignRush. Reach out to us and get stellar development solutions for your healthcare application. A seasoned company like ours with years of experience and innovative approaches is your sure shot at a magnificent app.

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