Build a Winning Real-Estate Mobile App with these Features in 2022

Did you know? 97 percent of the customers went online to buy or rent a house!

Real-estate has been a lucrative business and with the advent of internet and smart-phones, real-estate is becoming more prominent. Technology is indeed shaping the way real estate market operates, and like all other industries, real-estate also exhibits a great potential for disruption.

According to a report by NAR, about 95 percent of the real-estate agencies have their websites with property listings. Building a website is just a part of the taking your real-estate business online. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to build a custom mobile app for the same.

So, it makes sense for the IT sector to digitize various aspects of the real-estate industry. So, how to make a scalable real-estate industry? Before, finding the answer to this question, let’s read why developing a mobile app is important for your real-estate business.

The need for developing a mobile app for your real-estate business

The real-estate market is becoming highly digitized, and homebuyers don’t want to keep hoping from one buyer to another. With mobile apps, people can easily and directly check-out properties from the comfort of their home.

Here’s a stat showing an increase in mobile app real-estate users:

mobile app development

Source: How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App for Your Needs | by Svetlana Cherednichenko | mobindustry | Medium

Radical technological advancements are changing the way we function in day to day lives. With the rise in digitization, businesses are also facing a substantial amount of competition. The constant updates in the algorithms are making it even more difficult to stay updated and maintain a robust online presence.

How can Real-estate mobile app benefit your business?

Real-estate is a very dynamic industry, and the opportunities for app development in the same are immense. Ranging from communication to task management and consumer relationship, mobile apps can help real-estate agents perform their duties efficiently. Financial management, market analysis and verification of consumer data are some of the main functions that mobile apps help businesses with.

mobile app benefits your business

Source: Why the Need for Real Estate Mobile Apps is Growing (

With mobile apps, some of the most valuable technological tools used by CRM agents such as cameras, imaging equipment, document storage software and social media platforms would be readily available for the consumers.

Real-estate apps should be built with an aim of facilitating their jobs while enhancing the client experience. Let’s have a look at the features of real-estate mobile app that would help you build the best real-estate mobile app.

Features of Real-estate mobile app

The primary goal of developing a real-estate mobile app is making the buying/selling process smoother for the users. Here are a few features that you must add in your real-estate mobile app to serve the target audience well:

1. User On-boarding

This is the most basic as well as crucial step of a mobile app and hence needs to be as user friendly as possible. The following are a few methods that can help your users sign up for the app:

  • Social media authorization
  • E-mail Authorization
  • Phone Verification

You can opt for any suitable method, or even include all of the above to make the on-boarding process smoother.

2. Property Listings

Having property listings done efficiently with all the necessary details is another basic feature of a real-estate mobile app. Users who are looking for properties must be able to find their listings without any hassle.

3. Filters & Categories

The most important part of searching properties online is finding the right one. And what is the easiest way to do that? Applying filters and searching for categories that are of your interest only.

4. Property Profiles

According to a credible source, more than 80 percent of the users decide to buy a home based on the photos and videos added. These profiles include an elaborated form of information based on the property such as description, videos, photos, rich media, price details, owner details, and so on.

Also, you should add the contact details of the owner of the property listed.

5. Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most powerful techniques, and a must-have feature for your real-estate mobile app in long run. Push notifications allow you to keep your users updated with new listings.

6. Favourites bar

While navigating through the real-estate mobile app, there are hundreds of properties listed. Finding your favourite property from the listed ones each time is a difficult task. Shortlisting the favourite properties allows your users to make more informed decisions.

7. Maps & Navigation

Maps and Navigation feature is the least you can add in your real-estate mobile app. With maps and navigation you can not only show the property locations but also the statistics related to property and nearby landmarks.

8. Virtual tour

This is one of the latest technological feature you can easily add in your real-estate mobile app. According to a Zillow, nearly 70 percent of the first-time home-buyers believe that 3D virtual tour is important for home-sales.

These are a few features that any developer should look for while developing a real-estate mobile app for their enterprise. Many new technologies such as Blockchain and AI are also being integrated in their industry to counter the challenges.

If you want to read more about Real-estate and how Blockchain is helping the same, we have written a blog for you: Blockchain in real-estate industry

An app can make or break a business, but a high-quality real estate mobile app can buy your company an edge over others. Develop a real-estate mobile app now. Hire the industry experts.

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